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Advisory Board

The SQMS Advisory Board advises the Center and the Fermilab Director on progresses and ways to increase the impact of ongoing research effort. Its members rotate every two years. The SQMS Deputy Director chairs interactions with the Advisory Board.

  • Pat Dehmer, DOE, Office of Science, Retired
  • Alex King, Iowa State
  • Sir Peter Knight, Imperial College London
  • John Martinis, UC Santa Barbara
  • Celia Merzbacher, QED-C
  • Josh Mutus, Google
  • Hasan Padamsee, Cornell
  • Hanhee Paik, IBM
  • John Saunders, Royal Holloway
  • Lisa Randall, Harvard

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee, whose Chair is the SQMS Director, is composed of executives from the main partner institutions. The Committee convenes on monthly basis to evaluate progress and resolve resources availability issues, such as personnel availability or equipment and facilities access.