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Postdoctoral Researcher for QuAIL

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There are a number of exceptional opportunities for people to join the Center and research the frontiers of Quantum Science. Join us in revolutionizing quantum materials and devices, and applying quantum tools to search for physics beyond the standard model.


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Postdoctoral Researcher for QuAIL

KBR is looking for a strong postdoctoral candidate in classical/quantum combinatorial optimization, machine learning, and material simulation to support the Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab (QuAIL) at NASA Ames.
The Postdoctoral Researcher for QuAIL will perform research, develop quantum algorithms, and advance classical algorithms and simulation tools to aid in exploring quantum algorithms and to raise the bar for any potential quantum advantage, as well as implement novel models and numerical tools to estimate and reduce the computation cost to simulate large quantum systems and materials. Must be skilled in both numerical and analytical evaluation of classical/quantum algorithms and simulations, and able to work both independently and in small teams.

Required Education, Experience, & Skills:
PhD in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science or Engineering (Ph.D. candidates with an excellent track record may apply)
Excellent programming skills in Python, C, C++
Demonstrated ability to work in small teams
Excellent oral and written communication skills
Preferred Experience:
1-2 years of experience in classical/quantum optimization and/or material design/simulation with an excellent record of publications on quantum computation related topics